6 Weeks!

I have been thinking about starting a blog to share my story as I figure out what life will be like without a colon. This is it. I am not an expert on anything really, but I can share my experiences living with Ulcerative Colitis and deciding to have j-pouch surgery. I am currently in the early stages of my journey and still learning how to navigate life with an ileostomy (something both terrifying and wonderful –as you will see if you visit my blog throughout this process). Here is my first of many blog posts…

I am 6 weeks post-op from my stage 1 surgery. All major abdominal surgeries come with post-op restrictions, most have a standard expiration at the 6 week mile mark. My restrictions included: no strenuous exercise, a lifting weight limit of 10 pounds, and a low residue diet. Now that my 6 weeks are finally up, I think that I am most excited to go for a RUN!! I know that to the average person having an excuse not to run is welcome, but not for me. When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2005, I had just finished my first collegiate cross-country season. For the past 7 years I have tried more than once to get back into training, but my UC flares always had other ideas, only allowing me to run from the couch, car, dinner table, etc. to the bathroom. Having an ileostomy allows me to have control over my life again. I am really looking forward to my run this evening, even if it will be more like a labored jog. Just the fact that I can get out on the road again is more than I can ask for.


5 thoughts on “6 Weeks!

  1. LOVE that you are writing a blog about your experiences! Hope you enjoyed your jog- and we still would love for you to come out nad play:)

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