Surgery #2

I have an official date set for my second surgery! On July 25th I will be one step closer to my j-pouch.

Originally, the plan was to complete the j-pouch process in two stages, but it had to be extended to three stages due to the extent of my illness at the time of my first surgery. My UC had all but destroyed my colon after 7 and a half years of flares, and the toxins that are eliminated by a healthy colon were leaching into my bloodstream and affecting my other organs and my overall health. My surgeon, Dr. Roger Hurst, thought that it would be best to first take out the colon, then create the j-pouch, and finally do the “take down” (which closes the stoma site).

Here is a photo form just after Surgery #1- I was happy to be rid of my colon and enjoying my morphine pump at the time!



2 thoughts on “Surgery #2

  1. Yea! That’s really exciting. Good luck on the next leg of this thing. I actually have my second surgery scheduled for June 3rd, but this one is to make my ostomy permanent because I’m not a candidate for reconnection. I’ve been enjoying your posts so far. Keep it up!

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