Summer Swimwear

I don’t know a female out there that doesn’t dread swimsuit shopping, and having an ileostomy just adds to the situation. There was no avoiding it for me, because my temporary ileostomy will be with me the whole summer. Originally, I was hoping to be rid of it by June, but now I am looking at possibly  November. That being said, I needed to find a swimsuit that is “ostomate friendly.” My regular bikinis just won’t cut it this year. I searched online for a cute one piece or tankini that would cover my bag, keeping in mind that dark colors and patterns help to hide it best. I found quite a few possibilities, from J. CREW to Target I had all kinds of options. After my “online research” I decided that I just didn’t want to commit without trying a suit on to make sure that it was comfortable and covered my trusty bag. After trying on a few that just weren’t right I ended my quest with the perfect ostomy swimsuit!

And to top it off the suit is made right here in my home town by a girl I used to figure skate with (but that is a whole nother story) here is her website.


I chose the black suit pictured on the left for a number of reasons- 1. the dark color and pattern, 2. a two piece offered me easier trips to the bathroom, and 3. I adore the vintage high waisted look and will wear this suit even after my ileostomy is reversed (it’s guaranteed to cover my scars!).

I was able to try the suit on at my neighbor’s adorable clothing boutique in town, Belyst, but I have seen suits of similar style all over the internet, so I know other stores carry them as well. Now, I am truly looking forward to enjoying my summer as an ostomate!


6 thoughts on “Summer Swimwear

  1. So cute Mar! I’m so glad you found something. The best part about that suit is I can totally see you wearing that pre-ileostomy :) it’s so you.

  2. This swim suit is so cute with or without an ileostomy! I currently have an ileostomy for the summer too and am going to check this website out :) I’m debating to buy one like this or to just put a patterned duck tape over my beige bag and call it a day!
    – Faith

    • Thanks, Faith! The reason I decided to buy, instead of duck tape, is because I thought this style of suit was cute before I got my ileostomy and I know I will wear it after the take down surgery. If you go with the duck tape method I will be anxious to hear how it works for you!

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