I was not planning on writing any blog posts while on vacation, but I just can’t keep this to myself. Kyle and I are in Seattle visiting a good friend from college.  He introduced us to a group of his Seattle friends, which includes an amazing woman named Robyn Rosenberger. Robyn has started an incredible organization called TinySuperheros. They organization gives personalized capes to children who are fighting serious illnesses. There are no age limits, in fact I wish I had known more about  TinySuperheros when I had my first surgery. My cousin brought a cape she had from a costume to the hospital and I wore it on my first post-surgery walk.

Here I am (my cape is pretty cool, but not as cool as a TinySuperhero cape)


I know the strength, both physical and mental, it takes to fight an illness, and I cannot imagine going through that struggle as a young child. To find out more about TinySuperheros and how to donate a cape ,or nominate a child — check out the website TinySuperheros.com, also like TinySuperheros on Facebook.

Here is TinySuperhero Tom sporting his super cool cape.



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