Surgery #2 is a GO!

Surgery #2 is set and ready to go for July 25th. Just 7 day away!!

Yesterday Kyle and I went up to Chicago for my pre-op appointment for the second stage surgery on the way to my j-pouch. I got some great news including the fact that since I have no colon I never have to drink the prep EVER again!! If you have ever had colon surgery or a colonoscopy, you know what I am talking about. After 5 colonoscopies, a sigmoidoscopy, and colon removal surgery I think I have had my fair share of colon prep over the years.

Stage 2 will be the formation and connection of the j-pouch. I will keep my ileostomy at least 3 months after the surgery to allow my small intestine to heal. I am anxious/excited and anxious/nervous for my next surgery. I have been feeling so well since recovering from surgery #1 and even though I am excited to be one step closer to my j-pouch, I am just a little nervous about the recovery from this surgery.

Music is something Kyle and I have always enjoyed together. We drove to countless live shows while in college and our first real conversation revolved around music. So, it is a big part of our lives. I also believe that music is therapeutic. I always choose a “theme song” for different times of my life. Sometimes it’s the lyrics that connect to me, other times it’s the beat, or just the feeling I get when I listen to a song.  I am excited to announce that my song for surgery #2 is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Can’t Hold Us feat. Ray Dalton. I love this song!

I will be blasting this song in my car and apartment for the next week. You will also hear it playing in my hospital room at the University of Chicago. I hope my nurses don’t mind a little Macklemore on the floor :)

I have to admit that I love Macklemore, I think he incorporates great messages into his music and I think he is a true artist. I also think he looks like my big brother :) I am not saying they are twins, but there is a resemblance. Check it out for yourself.


Macklemore                 |           My brother, Dan.


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