I truly love my ileostomy. I know that seems odd to most people, but it has given me back my health and my life. In fact, I take comfort in the fact that if for some reason my j-pouch fails I will be able to return to an ileostomy permanently and resume living a full life. If there is one reason that I decided to go forward with the j-pouch, it has to be blowouts. For those of you unfamiliar with an ostomy blowout- just think baby diaper blowout, and for those of you familiar with ostomy blowouts- I feel your pain.

I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I would be completely honest and open without being too gross, and that is why I have to share this story with you now. My amazing cousin, Andy, married his perfect match, Chelsea, on October 12th of this year. I was extremely honored to be a bridesmaid and will never forget being a part of their day. Unfortunately, I encountered a blowout at the rehearsal dinner.

We were at an adorable family owned italian place where the owner is also the head chef and the karaoke entertainment! After dinner and a speech from my uncle, Andy and Chelsea were prompted by the owner to dance with another couple as he serenaded them. I stood up to snap a few photos of them when I suddenly felt my ileostomy squirt down my dress. I grabbed Kyle’s and my napkins and snuck into the women’s restroom to assess the situation. Let me tell you it was not what I had in mind for the night. Once in the restroom I found there were no paper towels in the dispenser, and I was without my plastic grocery bag to catch all the unruly output and discard my faulty wafer and bag. To top it off, it was a single bathroom so I knew that as long as I was in there no one could use the restroom. As quickly as I could I cleaned my self up, put on the new wafer and bag, and wiped off my dress. After taking a few seconds to compose myself emotionally, I returned to the party, just in time to join the other girls for a karaoke performance. As unpleasant as the  blowout was I am glad it happened at the rehearsal and not the actual wedding. Most of the bridal party was unaware of my blowout and those who knew only did so because I told them. I am just thankful that I was prepared to deal with a blowout and that it didn’t ruin my night.

This is how I choose remember the night.


What I have learned after 4 blowouts is that bananas are not my friend. I can eat them, but I have to be careful to make sure that the banana is ripe and that I chew it throughly. Three of my four blowouts can be directly attributed to bananas, because they thicken my output and cause my stoma to be compressed below my wafer seal. Pressure builds up and a blowout occurs.

I have to add that Andy and Chelsea had the perfect wedding and if you follow the link you will see the video to prove it! (Watch all the way to the end- Andy is a professional runner for Nike and he met Chelsea while running in high school, so there is a fitting tribute to running to end their video)


4 thoughts on “Blowout

  1. I totally feel your pain! I had an ileostomy for 3 months and had to empty it no less than 21 times a day! I once had a blowout at a concert :( Unless you have been there, it is hard to imagine. Good job on keeping people unaware! I wish you all the luck on your next surgery!!

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